Hello,I'm Don Ramesh and I'm originally from Sri Lanka. My passion for food making started very lately in life. I spend my childhood watching anything to do with cooking on television and collecting recipes and reading cooking books. My artistic background lent itself perfectly create anything. Things I post here beyond the limit ►► ART • Photography • Food & Drink • •Space • LOL • Humour • Girls • Black and White • GIFS • Colourful Pics •


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That moment when someone uploaded some naughty pics to FB and didn’t set the privacy settings correctly.

via imgur. 

Why does this remind me of beyonce?

Gordon’s version. 

Cannot be unseen…

Scraping my windshield before work in the morning

That is truly a Care Bear.

Good guy mars rover

Nicki Minaj at the VMAs.

Youtube Comment of the day. #Jennamarbles 



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